Sunday, June 29, 2014

Anime Mid-Atlantic 2014 -- The part about you guys.

I love Anime Mid-Atlantic. I've been going since the first year and haven't missed one yet, and it's sort of become my 'home con' after all this time. Generally I host karaoke at it, which is simultaneously an insane trip and a delight ... not sure how much longer I'll be on that, but I'm not looking at retiring anytime soon.

As long as they don't kick me out. Heigh-ho.

Ollie tried to help me get ready for karaoke.
Josh is my loyal techie every year.

Finally got to bring out my Hanji. God bless Samma for makeup.
 I didn't have a table because (as seems to be the case lately) I missed the sign-up deadline. But that meant more time for cosplay of my own, and looking at you guys, too. Seriously, everyone just gets more talented every year, and I love the spread of genres we get.

And my favourites of the weekend.

I wish I'd had time to take photos of everyone, but at the very least I managed to chase down a few of you. Please, if one of these is of you, take it for your own use -- and you can leave me a comment if you'd like credit because I want to know who you guys are.

If you missed it this year, come back in 2015. I plan to.