Saturday, June 21, 2014

Doctor Who cosplay photos happen everywhere I go.

So one of the things I will be hustling over to this page is my cosplay stuff. Brace yourselves.

For those who don't know, I've been sewing since I was six and cosplaying since I was 18 (so 15 years on that latter one). I also have an absolute raft of talented friends along the same lines.
RavenCon is now coming into its own by way of working cosplay into its programming, which is awesome because there are several of us who love bringing our own costumes out there. In particular we had yet another Doctor Who convergence this go 'round.

Back at MarsCon I met up with Jenny Hendricks of Paradox Machine, who was rocking a very nice Rose Tyler from 'Stolen Earth.' We got a couple selfies together, but agreed that RavenCon would be a great place for proper photos. Additionally, we rounded up the hugely talented Chiara Scuro, who's recently decked herself out as a lovely Oswin Oswald. I brought my 'Night of the Doctor' Eighth Doctor back out, got my face dirtied up a bit, and joined in for some cross-era antics in the hotel's stairwell.

Cheers to Barb Fischer for taking some fun and magnificent photos, all of which can be viewed on her Flickr page.

This Oswin would end up being back at Anime Mid-Atlantic, though I had a different Doctor on hand for that one....