Saturday, June 14, 2014

May Contain Guinea Pigs

And welcome to my new home base!

As my Google side bar has so kindly informed you, I am The Kara. I am an anime and game editor, webcomicker, cosplayer, writer, artist, traveler (on occasion), and general collector of hobbies. And this will be my new blog.

Over time, I've had my work spread over a variety of sites, and this is my attempt to consolidate what I can into one spot. Which means you're probably going to get a weird and wide and wonderful spread of things as time goes on.

At the moment I'm holed up in my room at Anime Mid-Atlantic in Chesapeake, VA, where the tea is plentiful and so are the Homestucks. I'm looking forward to giving you a full report on it eventually -- but for now, suffice to say it's a wonderful place and I'm looking forward to whatever madness the next two days have in store for me.

Watch this space. I can promise you a good (and mostly legal) time.