Thursday, June 26, 2014

No but let's talk about Intervention for a bit.

And I'm not talking about the thing that people should probably have for me concerning my recent issues with Arrow.

Intervention is a fifth-year con in Rockville, MD, featuring ... well, let's see if I can explain. When I first jumped on in its first year, it was primarily webcomics and the like. There was general fandom, yes, but it was a great place for webcomic creators to get their work out and aspiring webcomickers to come and learn. It was also a real kick in the pants because I had actual fans of mine coming to meet me. This is still a fairly new phenomenon in Kara-land.

It's expanding in content every year, to the point that there are now Internet-based creators from all walks coming in. By the second year I was seeing more and more bloggers, podcasters, and artists who don't necessarily exist primarily in webcomic form. On the site now it's being described as being for 'makers,' and that's about as accurate as I can possibly get, myself. People who want to get their work out there can connect with people who already have and are willing to share their ideas, tips, connections, and horror stories. I've been at this webcomicking jazz for about 13 years and it's safe to say that even though I'm a panelist, I feel more like I'm learning than advising at any given time.

I've known Oni and Harknell, the con chairs, for longer than I can really remember in the con circuit. When they told me five years ago that they were starting a con, I had no doubt that it'd be successful because I know them and I know what they can do. Nor am I writing about the con's fifth year with even an iota of surprise. Delight, yes. Vicarious pride, yes. But if I ever talk about being surprised or impressed, it's because Oni really goes beyond what I even conceive of possibility-wise. I'll hear about stuff she's planning -- people she wants to get in the coming years, suggestions she'll aske me for no matter how out of reach they seem to me -- and I realise I never would be thinking as big as she does.

All that said, I am super-pleased to be asked in as a guest again this year, putting me alongside people like Matt Blum from GeekDad, David Pescovitz of Boing Boing, and a lot of webcomickers and creators I've met over the years who are all very talented and way too numerous to list off here.

Okay, but you're not the congoing type, you're thinking. They're intimidating or not the sort of thing you dig, or maybe you have kids and you don't know whether or not to bring them. Well, I can say for sure that Intervention  is family-friendly and new-congoer-friendly. There's actually a really neat family programming track with art projects and snacks and science-y things. Apparently they're gonna make glow-in-the-dark Jell-O this year. That's important.

Intervention takes place from 22-24 August in Rockville, MD. I'll be doing panels and selling my wares -- and probably wearing costumes and dashing after people also wearing costumes. It's worth the trip, even if you only make a day trip. Mention this entry and I'll draw a hedgehog on your program or something.