Friday, July 18, 2014

A little less shark, a little more nado.

I haven't missed a RiffTrax show since, like, Plan 9 from Outer Space. I think I missed a Christmas one before that, but otherwise I can't not go. We've got our little group that tends to go -- dinner at CPK in the mall beforehand, then upstairs to the cinema. We were a little sparse this time, sadly, what with about half our usuals out of town at a conference. Still, 'twas myself and uncle and aunt.

Cuz, okay, I'll admit it on all our behalves -- we watched Sharknado on the night. And live-tweeted it.

I honestly ... I can't explain this cultural phenomenon. Theoretically I should really dislike this kind of thing, or like it 'ironically.' But it can't be denied that this is a movie about a tornado made of sharks. And it was fun. And it was wretched. Wretched fun.

Though seriously, this was made for RiffTrax, and I'm relatively sure the Asylum people were waiting by the phone for the call. And I remember they actually made a live video announcement about it instead of just shooting an e-mail along to people.

At any rate, love the proper RiffTrax experience. Right down to the cards before the movie.

Really, I dig the fact that riffing is an art form now and there are riffing masters. Because after a couple announcements, they said they'd be re-riffing a classic MST3K short -- and when they said it was A Case of Spring Fever, the whole audience burst into applause like they'd just started playing 'Freebird' or something.

Doing Sharknado should be like shooting -- sorry -- fish in a barrel, and it was, but I found that surprisingly okay. I think my favourite of their live shows is still House on Haunted Hill, but this was pretty damn great. Our theatre's crowd was a bit sparser than usual, but I feel like that might have been partially because there was some extreme flooding and car-smushing in Norfolk.

Good night. Excellent night, really. As always. And then Kevin Murphy spent the entire next day posting photos of springs on his Tumblr. I'm not sure I'll ever love any job I have as much as these guys do.

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