Saturday, August 9, 2014

Please, anything but the nails.

I don't like gore. Dear God, I don't like gore. But there's a very specific kind of gore I don't like, and I think it happened after I'd been through like four surgeries. Like I can watch zombie movies and Game of Thrones and The Expendables all day long, but Hannibal is right out.

I think the line is pretty much this: I can't stand gore if someone could do it to me today and be on the news tomorrow. And holy God, that's exactly where Higurashi lies.

I'd heard about Higurashi When They Cry from friends who are big fans, and also from the fact that a while back they (apparently) delayed showing an episode because it corresponded too closely with an actual school killing. Just the general idea of it terrifies me, which I suppose is overall the point ... but I'm just thanking God that editing visual novels tends to not require me to look at said visuals.

Right, I'll admit -- and not just because I don't want to sound like I'm downing a project I'm working on, because I'm not -- the concept is interesting. The creepy mystery aspect is interesting. The original VN spends a lot of time covering our protagonist Keiichi hanging out with his myriad girl friends, playing Old Maid and zombie tag and whatever else, and for a while I was honestly wondering why people get wigged out over it so much.

Then needles in the ohagi.

And then there was a whole scene with Keiichi slamming the door on Rena's fingers, and just reading about it was giving me a hell of a time.

I was encouraged to watch the anime based on the VN to have some context and familiarise myself with the plot and characters. I asked then how bad the visuals got. 'Oh, nothing too bad, it just starts with a girl getting her fingernails ripped out.'

They were very understanding when I said I wasn't keen on actually watching after hearing that.

I'm only editor for the first Higurashi game, but the others will be coming out over time, as I understand it. I doubt I'll ever watch the anime, but if you're a fan, I'd recommend picking up the new English-language release when it becomes available. Especially considering they're redoing the sprites.

Do I plan to keep following the story? I ... er ... depends on my stomach, I guess. I just know these adorable girls want me dead and I have no idea what to do about it.

This new release will be out by the end of the year, and I'll put up order information once it's available.