Friday, August 29, 2014

Shore Leave 2014

I forgot how long I've been going to Shore Leave so I won't go into that. It's always a bit of a busy con for me because I'm invariably performing with Luna-C ... but this year I was also doing a bit of goodwill for (Re)Generation Who. Pulling double duty at a con where you're stuck in the overflow hotel opposite a major highway is not cute at all, and I didn't get to do everything I wanted to. But I managed.

Besides which, the Embassy is pretty great and there was a koi pond and everything.

So first of my two jobs -- Luna-C. It was a special year because not only did we get our regular show ... we were also masquerade halftime. Yeah. The big room. No mucking about here. Both shows went great, with the Friday night show being a lot of new stuff and the halftime show being a sort of 'best of.'

Ruby for 'Once Upon a Timey-Wimey.'
Accurate summing-up of any Luna-C show.

Flatt Smith returned.
Pinkie Pie the Jedi? Wait what.

Backstage Doctor selfie.
Friday post-show.

Saturday pre-show.
Second job? (Re)Gen goodwill. I got to meet a lot of cool people, get about in costume, and spread the word about our little nerd party in March.

Our friends from the TARDIS photo booth.
Me at said photo booth. Hand thing.

May the fez be with you.

My friends' mini-Dalek backstage.

Dalek investigation

Oh, did I mention Eve Myles was there? Because Eve Myles was totally there.

From my vantage point.
She grabbed a cosplayer's gun to attack a Dalek with.

There were a lot of people I wanted to touch base with there, but I was rushed off my feet -- so thanks to everyone who turned out, saw the shows, commented on (Re)Gen, and all those other things.
Up soon, a little talk about Intervention year 5. And then a breather from cons 'til November. Hey, maybe I can use that space of time to be more prepared than I've been.