Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Stock Market is a Harsh Mistress

I've been most pleased recently to fall in with Sekai Project, a new company devoted to bringing you English-language versions of Japanese visual novels on Steam. My first project with the Project is one that's more than a little new to me, but given the project's Kickstarter, it's not new to everyone.

Ever heard of Spice & Wolf? It's a light novel and anime series by Isuna Hasekura, and it's a fantasy story about ... finance. That's correct. A integral part of the story concerns a merchant trying to raise money to start his own shop. It's more about economics than anything else. Hasekura is, to say the least, a bit known for going that route.

So when I was confronted with WORLD END ECONOMiCA, I was a little daunted. I'm not a numbers person; I'm just not. I come from a numbers-y family, but (as you can see), I'm more comfortable amongst words. I was given a bit of introduction to WEE by way of it being about teenage runaways doing day-trading on the Moon. Which I mean ... okay.

I'm on all three episodes, which means my first job was editing a new English language patch for the first episode. I played though a bit of it as it was, and the art and story were such that ... yeah ... I was interested. As I edited, though, I was following the story but also learning a frightening amount about how the stock market works. Certainly more than I ever learned in my scant few months as a bank teller ten years ago.

Now, when it gets finance-y, it gets full-on finance-y. I mean this is day trading as a sport. Because you've got Hal, who is this runaway financial genius who wants to make a squizillion moon dollars mools so he can achieve a pretty nutty dream. And then you've got Hagana who's essentially Homura Akemi but with maths instead of entropy. And they start out hating each other and we all know what that means.

You get into it, you really do, and you get all pulse-poundy over stocks. If you haven't gotten all pulse-poundy over the opening already, I mean.

So among my current projects is wending my way through episode 2 of this. You can go get episode one right here on Steam for $12.99 which is a bit great. Seriously, I'm not saying it's worth it just because I worked on it. It's legit.