Monday, September 29, 2014

Forever and ever with a lovely alpaca.

Family dinners are fun. I mean we're across such a broad range of careers and interests. My uncle and I will toss Doctor Who references back and forth, my grandfather will talk about the Holy Roman Empire, my mom talks about meeting this or that country singer for the third time, my aunt talks about massive murals she's putting on display around town, and here's me going ...

... well, right now I'm working on a game about a guy whose girlfriend turns into an alpaca.

This is what my life has become. Alpaca girlfriends.

Now, a while back, a fan translation of this became super popular -- or perhaps super infamous. Not sure which. Either way, Paca Plus gained 'Oh, Japan' notoriety, for pretty obvious reasons. Because that one-sentence summary isn't a matter of being playful with words or leaving anything out or exaggerating or anything like that.


Protag Kazuma is dating Yukari, an A+ student and master violinist who is (by his own reckoning) wasted on him. He loves her a lot. Know what else he loves a lot? Alpacas. Like seriously. And he liked them before they were cool (no, it even says this in the game). Yukari likes them, too, but she's not as hardcore alpaca fan as Kazuma. For her birthday, he takes her to an alpaca farm ... and on the bus home, he turns around to see a fluffy alpaca wearing his girlfriend's clothes.

Since this is an interactive visual novel, what happens to their relationship from here on out relies on you. Do you tell her she's an alpaca? (Because no one else seems to notice.) Do you just break up with her? Do you ignore her awkwardly? I'm a few scenes from the True End now, but I've seen some of the Good Ends and Bad Ends and WTF Was That Just Now Ends and ... yeah.

If you follow the right route, it actually becomes very interesting and a lot less disturbing. There's something going on here, but not necessarily what they're making us think. No, I don't know what it is yet, either. I'm really curious. Cuz it takes a nice little twisty twist I wasn't expecting.

Best part? There's a prequel and a sequel, apparently. Paca Plus Plus brings in a new girl who turns into a capybara, and Paca Plus Minus is a gimmick-free high school romance about how Kazuma and Yukari met. No idea if we'll get to work on those. I hope so.

... you're probably still having a hard time believing this exists. Let me help.

If that's not a selling point, I don't know what is.

I'll be putting up information on the Steam release as soon as it's available. For now, sit tight while Team Paca does the rest.