Thursday, September 4, 2014

Intervention 2014 and connecting with all the people.

So perhaps I'm a smidge biased because I'm working with Onezumi Events on (Re)Generation Who now, but even before that I always dug Intervention. Oni had me there as a guest from the first year, and I loved the concept so much that I was on board as soon as she described it.

Little point in me backtracking and describing Intervention to you again after writing a perfectly good entry about it before. This year was rather scattered as I was wearing many hats (a phrase which in Kara-world means 'rubbish at time management'), and also it was Doctor Who premiere weekend.

Ooh, I should write about that at some point, too. Nonetheless.

There was even a TARDIS.

I was there primarily pushing my comics, and I got to meet a few long-standing fans and (apparently) gather some new ones. I sat the annual weird story panel with Michael Terracciano, Phil Kahn, and Steve Napierski; joined Chris Flick on a panel about Artist Alley table setup and learned more than I taught; sat another panel on social media ... and completely missed a panel I was supposed to be on because I was up in the green room talking about nerd stuff.

It was a panel about balancing nerd life and responsibilities.

All that aside, I had a good time before and after my long road trip home and back to watch 'Deep Breath' with my uncle and aunt. (Don't look at me like that -- it's our family's first new Doctor together, and it was worth it.)
I got to see Stompadon again.
We played a game where we illustrated quotes
from our con chair.

Stocking cosplayer!

More than meets the eye etc.

The dumb nerds who run the Playing Doctor Podcast.
Please come to Intervention if you haven't before. There will always be changes and inventive new things happening to make it better with each passing year. And it's a lot more welcoming than many other cons. And the green room is killer.

You get the idea.