Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I've already mentioned I never miss a RiffTrax (I think I missed the very first one so that's a mini-fib, but still), and for sure I wasn't gonna miss Anaconda. But then, as a backer for their Godzilla Kickstarter, I got a note letting me know that tickets to the actual live-in-person show were going onsale ... and it was in Durham, NC. That's maybe 3.5ish hours from me, and for something like this, I was willing to call 'worth it.' As precious as Hampton Roads venues are when it comes to band reunion our off-Broadway touring shows, I got the feeling that this would be as close as RiffTrax would ever get to my homeplace in person.

The 1997 masterwork Anaconda was riffed live at the Carolina Theatre in Durham the night before Hallowe'en. I'll admit to never having sat through the movie in its entirety, though I have certainly seen all of it in pieces over the years. It makes about equally as much sense intact as it did in sections. Something about no one getting that Jon Voight is evil and anacondas eating people even though anacondas don't eat people. That's the great thing about RiffTrax -- it reminds us that our generation is just as capable of making magnificent trash as Roger Corman's is/was.

What's awesome about going to see the simulcast is, as a rule, double-awesome about being on site. First off, fans. Like I saw these guys as I was getting out of my car.

And they were on-hand again in the theatre proper, as were others.

It me.
I hope scads and scads of you got to see the show at your local movie theatre, because it was great, as always. The guys are always in top form at their live shows, and there's something about being in the space that makes it even more fun. And it's a great reminder that, honestly, fans -- especially MST3K fans -- are overall pretty dang awesome.

Thanks as always to everyone at RiffTrax, onscreen and off, who makes the things happen. We'd love to see you in this part of the country again -- why not try sunny Virginia? Some of our roads aren't under construction, we swear.
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