Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kara's First VoxBox: Unilever Dry Spray

I recently joined Influenster via my friend Angela, and received my first VoxBox not long ago. First freebie via Influenster? Unilever Dry Spray. Specifically, Degree.

Guinea pig not included.
As I said in my unboxing video, I have used spray antiperspirants before, albeit under duress (I was in London, my luggage was in Miami, and the store I popped into didn't have anything else handy). I was not a fan of it then, but it was also formulated and packaged differently by a different brand.

Time for some TMI, if you don't already know from my previous entries. Two years ago last October, I had a full hysterectomy/oophorectomy as a last resort for Stage IV endometriosis. As of two months ago, I got off any estrogen supplements because my symptoms are minimal and easily managed by lifestyle changes. But that does mean that my body chemistry is a wee bit different. Specifically, in this case, I overheat on arbitrary days.

Just a thing to bear in mind.

For the first couple days, the dry spray was great. I shower ever day so I never had the chance (or felt the need) to really test its '48-hour' claim. But overall it was more comfortable than my usual stick and seemed to do the trick.

Then I started noticing that on some days, it just didn't work, and I had to use my usual brand instead. But, to be fair, my usual brand wasn't terribly effective on those days, either. So I don't think it was the fault of the spray so much as the fact that there are some days when I'm just gonna overheat, plain and simple.

So ignoring the bad days when nothing's gonna work anyway, I do prefer the dry spray. It doesn't leave marks on my clothes, it feels better going on, and it lasts longer -- which I mean both by way of when I put it on and how long the bottle itself is likely to last me. I saw a display at the store the other night, and I do believe that when this sample has run me out, I'll keep buying the same brand.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.