Saturday, March 21, 2015

Having a Space Blast in Hampton

I've always been a NASA brat -- my grandfather worked at Langley when I was just a tiny Kara, and would drop me at the old Visitors' Center to occupy myself when he went in to work during the summer. I was fascinated when I heard about a 60s-themed party going down at the Virginia Air and Space Center last fall. They were unveiling new capsules to display in the front, inviting Fred Haise to speak and do autographs, serving groovy food, and there was even a 60s cover band on hand.

All I had to do was Mad Men myself up a bit.

That's a wig. My hair was hellish.
The VASC is a pretty vast place, and there was plenty of room for all sorts of cool display stuff. I certainly was not expecting them to bring in vintage cars.

The capsule unveiling filed out their lobby nicely.

It was also a heck of a thing to meet Fred Haise. My dad and uncle used to play hide-and-seek with astronauts at NASA picnics, but as far as I know this was my first time actually meeting a real by-God astronaut...

The band was called Groovy Wagon and ... yeah ... I admit it, they were pretty dang groovy.

 And a teeny bit of a personal thing. Remember I mentioned I would hang out at the old Visitors' Center? There was this one particular capsule I always wanted to climb inside because I thought it'd make a nice Kara-sized playhouse. Never got to, but was always tempted. Guess what was front and centre.

And no, before you ask, I did not attempt to make it a playhouse. Not in the heels I was wearing.

I certainly hope the VASC will do more like this in future. I'll be there.