Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nekocon 2014 in Hampton, VA

Well, this was a long time in coming, but I'm a busy girl. I've been going to Nekocon since the third year, only skipping once for health reasons. And this was another year in Artist Alley ...

... specifically, my last con serving in an Artist Alley.

Why? I'm learning fairly quickly that I will sell better online than in an anime con Artist Alley, and the things I want to do at cons anymore would not benefit from me being sat at a table constantly. And paying for a table I'd be leaving a lot wouldn't be great for me at all. So, yes. As an aside, I will be monitoring and improving my online store and making my sales there rather than at cons.

Good. That's out of the way. Now I can talk about the con.

First off, my Waze got a bit hype and confused.

Y-Your enthusiasm is appreciated but chill.
I was trying to pull for (Re)Generation Who while at my table, and that was where a decent portion of my self-discovery went down. But hey. I managed to do both.

Thanks to all the super nice people who let me (the fem!12 up there) take photos with and of them.

There were, as always, table shenanigans courtesy of my friend Kelsey Wailes...

Tiny hobo 12 a gift, hippos Kelsey's.

If 'Time Heist' had had guinea pigs.

Best Cyberman cosplay.
And, as every year, I helped judge the karaoke competition. Even got up and sang this time -- funnily enough, I learned 'Give a Reason' from Slayers NEXT specifically to sing at an anime con back in 2000, and I never had. I figured 14 years had been long enough and now it's been done. So I've promised a friend I'll do a Love Live song for next Nekocon... better get on that.

I hope no one's particularly sad that I'm giving up the Artist Alley thing, because I plan to keep drawing and selling books and the like, and I'm certainly not quitting cons anytime soon. But thanks to my regular customers, people who'd come by just to talk, etc. You can find me in other parts of cons now. And I will be a lot more active.

And a lot more tired.

But those stories are to come.