Wednesday, April 8, 2015

UK Adventure 2015, Day 1/2: The Arrivening.

I love flying. And I hate flying.

I don't know. I really don't. When I see an airport my heart does a little sideways excited leap because I want to be on a plane and going somewhere. Flying is the potential for adventure, the idea that you're getting somewhere, that in a few hours' time your feet will drop onto foreign soil.

It's the sitting in the big metal tube in the sky and accidentally elbowing a total stranger while you try to eat a plastic plate of pasta a la something-or-other that doesn't do it for me.

Waiting in Norfolk.
My trip to the UK this time -- the fourth time -- serves a few purposes. Fun, primarily, and also fun. But also meeting up with people for (Re)Generation Who-related goodwill. In the end, though? Fun. Even the business-y bits are fun.

I'd never gone through JFK before and, with all possible love to the people who work there, I'm pretty sure I never want to again. There's something rather cramped and awkward about at least the section I was in. Though I did eat a meatball for late lunch. Specifically, according to the menu, The Meatball.

At six and a half hours, the flight wasn't awful. Only got to watch two movies (Birdman and the final Night at the Museum) and did a passable impression of a sleeping person for a couple hours. (I can't sleep in moving vehicles and I can't sleep sitting up. Double fail.)

My worries about being in too early (6:30 AM) for my hosts to have time for me was unfounded because I remembered once I got to Heathrow that customs and getting into London take forever. All was well after a trip to Sainsbury's and a shower. As it often is.

My hosts are Mazz and Alice, who live near enough to London that I can walk a couple minutes from their house and catch a train in, but far enough that my stay is relatively calm when I choose for it to be. Though the cats will occasionally bring in a mouse or climb under the house.

Purdie, age 16. Grumps and apparently enjoys tea.
Selina, back from a jaunt under the house.

I'd had no plans for my first proper day in, but it turned out Robert Shearman -- writer, fellow J-horror fan, and all-round good egg -- had some free time in the afternoon. Had a fabulous time catching up with him and am really hoping there's time to do so again next week before my trip is over. Also tried a Scotch egg for the first time. Excellent. Thanks again for taking time out to see me and show me the South Bank.

Four trips now, and I'm getting faster about combating and killing the jet lag. Thank God.

And the evening and the morning were ... the first and second day.