Wednesday, April 8, 2015

UK Adventure 2015, Day 3: Everything and Cardiff, too.

The plan had been not to go out at all, since I had a train ride to Cardiff in the evening, but restlessness got the better of me and I met up with Mason.

If you've seen Ashes to Ashes, you'll have seen Mason Kayne's face: he plays a very quiet ghosty figure in the final series. He's also shown up in the final Harry Potter movie. He also knows I love my sightseeing, so he took me on a walk around London before I had to catch my train.

I am, after all, obligated to occasionally post photos of the 'important' stuff.

At the moment, there is a Shaun the Sheep trail in London that I'd been unaware of. But I did snap a couple of pics.

I'm sure there are many more; just yet to see them myself.

Coupla clowns.
Was also shown a new arcade and a couple attractions I may have to visit, and can now rate UK vs. US Pizza Hut. (Pizza tastes almost exactly the same even though there's a slight difference in the taste of the sauce, but I found the salad bar downright bewildering.)

Then, off to Paddington Station ...

... to catch my train to Cardiff.

I'm staying at the Future Inns Cardiff Bay during my time here. A very cool little room, with lots of business-y desk space, a proper tea kettle, and a big bed. Though I was bewildered and genuinely believed the bathroom had no toilet because the bathroom is laid out such that the doorway to the toilet is hidden when you open the door to go into the bathroom.

The next few days promise to be Doctor Who-y in nature, though the exact nature is still a mystery to me.