Sunday, April 19, 2015

UK Adventure 2015: Where Things Are

At this point I've sort of given up my day-by-day format, as some days were entirely for getting from Point A to Point B and others were 'lazy' days in (where 'lazy' means 'working on editing instead of doing sightseeing'). And if you don't write literally every night -- which had been my intent with this exercise, but certainly isn't going to happen after a full day out -- things run together a bit and you fight to remember which day was which when you're without your routine.

I did meet up with Mason once more, however, and he does know my affinity for filming locations. He tends to find spots in and around London that I'll recognise from TV shows, and this trip was no exception.

First, though, I had a mission: Abbey Road.

My mother, Karen West, is a massive Beatles fan. (Imagine her delight when I was born on George Harrison's birthday.) She's asked me more than once to go to Abbey Road for her, and I've never actually gone and done it. So I made it a point to do so.

Unsurprisingly, there was a bit of a queue there, since people wanted to replicate the famous photo. While I would have been happy to do so, I figured my sainted mother would be pleased enough at just some proof of my having been. So.

The crossing.

Walking across.

Notice near the studio.

That done, Mason took me onward to a spot made famous by BBC's Sherlock.

Yep, that's where John stood when Sherlock jumped. But if you go up to where he landed...

A few people had gotten there before us.

Very Withnail of them.

Afterwards we thought to go to the Pub ...

... but there was very little choice of food under the new management, so we took off elsewhere. Still very sweet to see they remember, though.

I ended up taking things fairly easy the rest of my time in London -- went to the movies in Wimbledon, had drinks with friends (lovely to see Rob Shearman again and Matthew Graham in person at last!), availed myself of a few fast-ish food places I'd not yet tried, and then prepared for the final leg of my journey: Devizes.