Monday, May 18, 2015

'Love at First Sight' ~ I only have eye for you.

I've worked on some pretty crazy projects in my time. Not even gonna say what a lot of them were, but let's just say when I describe my workload in ten words or less, I get some funny looks.

Recently I was called upon to do edits for a game called Love at First Sight (original title Hitomebore), a single-route visual novel where you romance a girl with one eye.

I mean like. Literally. One eye.

You still okay over there? All right.

Love at First Sight was, as I mentioned, a one-route game, so it wasn't a long, drawn-out project for me. It sped by pretty quickly, all told. Sachi Usui is the unexpected girl of your dreams, a one-eyed underclassman who is riddled with injuries (for reasons that become evident over the course of the game). Unsurprisingly, she isn't really game for socializing, so you spend a lot of time doing the dating sim equivalent of the thing with the fox from The Little Prince. Things don't go terribly smoothly as you start to learn more about her personal life, but Sachi does eventually warm up to you.

And then things go sour.

Main thing about this project that I really like is the art style. It's not gritty or truly 'dark,' but it's messy and sketchy, which really seems to suit the slightly off-kilter tone of the game (the original studio name is Creepy Cute, which sums it right up). I also really love the secondary friend characters, who in so many games end up being two-dimensional and/or downright annoying. There's definitely some background to one of them in particular.

Love at First Sight unlocks on Steam in 23 hours (or less, or is already available depending on when you read this). Go on over and get ready to grab it.