Sunday, June 14, 2015

MarsCon 2015 in Williamsburg, VA: 25 Shades of MarsCon

Every time I talk about MarsCon, I mention that it was my first convention ever back in 2000. So I guess I'd be remiss in not mentioning that now. So yeah. It was my first convention back in 2000. But in 2015, rather delightfully, it hit its 25th anniversary, and I got to be there for it.

In reference to that trashy abuse-romanticizing movie we got this year, the theme was '25 Shades of MarsCon.' Luna-C was on hand, and asked to perform some classics -- some even I'd never seen live -- as part of the 'throwback' theme. (This also ended up being my last performance with them,)

And there was some (Re)Generation Who promotion to be done, too. Always. Thanks to those who showed interest!

I was across the hall from Tiny T-Rex and his owners.

My fem!12 cosplay was out in full force, 'Last Christmas' style.

MarsCon means a Cook-Out outing with the Tangent Artists.

Greg Eatroff in costume.
MarsCon was the first of my two cons in two weekens for January. The second was bigger, badder, and yet to come.