Monday, July 6, 2015

Baby's first MAGFest

Honestly, it's a bit ridiculous that I'd never been to MAGFest prior to this year, considering I went to college with responsible parties. But this year I finally made it out there, primarily to represent for (Re)Generation Who.

National Harbor is gorgeous. And cold.

MAGFest is a weekend-long music and gaming convention in National Harbor, MD. It's also the first convention I've ever been to that has a real by-God arcade in it. Like, a free-to-play arcade with the old-school machines, and even some older computers. If I'd had more time and energy, I may have found myself in there a lot more.

Not surprisingly, because of the job I was there to do, I took primarily Doctor Who-related photos. You can see those bad boys on the (Re)Gen blog itself.

Though I'll drop a couple cool piccies here.

Actual functional Doctor Who pinball machine.

My friend Alex as 10 plus a really great Martha.

In the meantime, I did get up to other things. Like cosplay with a rad Ace Attorney group. I've not gotten to wear my Dahlia Hawthorne costume in ages, so it was great to get to bring it out again.

I also got to see my old nemesis, the Katsucon Gazebo ...

And, you know, I did manage to grab one snap of a non-Whovian cosplayer, come to think of it...

A great Sailor Jupiter who gave me shoe-painting advice.
Will I go back to MAGFest? I'm not sure. If I'm there working, then yes, obviously. But one thing I noted is that there is no quiet at this con -- and that suits a demographic just fine. This con goes hard, which is what it's known for. And I consider that a positive, because this is for sure a big nerd party and they live up to their reputation as such. But if you're like me and crave the occasional half-hour of quiet for recharging purposes ... you might literally not be able to find it at all on MAGFest weekend. Which can be rough.

But it was a fun con, a well-run con, and I can see why it's as popular and well-attended as it is. Rock on, MAGFest.