Thursday, December 17, 2015

LIAR GAME 2: All this and Mako Mori, too.

Remember when I worked on Liar Game? I was aware from my research that there was a second season and a movie, but I wasn't aware that Crunchyroll would be acquiring either of those. And I for sure wasn't aware that I'd be back to typeset.

The Typesetting of the Damned.

Very little has changed from the first season to the second. Nao is still pretty dang naive, Akiyama is still a grade-A con artist, and there's still more onscreen text than Sherlock for the hearing-impaired. It also continues stylish as hell.

Please recall I'm not well versed in the manga -- something I keep meaning to change -- so if significant changes were made from page to screen, I don't know. I still found the whole thing fascinating, really. Aesthetically pleasing, especially in the Angels and Devils round toward the end of the season.

But what really got me was a specific actress I wasn't expecting. She looked familiar as I worked through, and it took me a few, but then I realised...

Rinko Kikuchi.

Mako before Mako was Mako.

She plays a downright villainous type in Liar Game 2, and it was very fun to see. Now, obviously, she was popular before Pacific Rim for roles like this, and I'm late to the game. But oh man. If you need a reason to watch any of Liar Game, come see her do her thing.

There's also a film that ties the story up. I have no idea if we're ever gonna do that. But I kinda want end game. Yeah, for better or for worse, I've gotten a bit invested.