Monday, January 25, 2016

99 Days with the Superstar ~ The Epitome of Tsundere Love

You know what's awful? Like, what's really really terrible? Is when you get assigned to a ten-episode show, and you're just sort of going 'Okay, I'll knock this out,' but then you get all invested in it. Like you're just going along and then the story is really cute and you start getting all caught up in it and you forget that you're supposed to actually be editing, and then you remember it's only ten episodes and you've gotta be done with it soon so it's gonna be done and over in no time--

I really really like 99 Days with the Superstar is what I'm trying to say.

This ridiculously adorable 10x45 drama is about an astronomer turned small-time bodyguard name Kohei who, for various reasons that have nothing to do with either of them, is assigned to look after big-name Korean actress Han Yoo-Na. She turns out to be more than a little of a handful, but much of what her handlers see as flightiness actually has a reason. And the reason has something to do with the constellation charm she keeps on her bag.

Like a lot of the J-dramas I've worked on, the plot seems inherently simply at first, but folds out into five or six different directions eventually. There's a running subplot with Kohei's family, his and Yoo-Na's respective managers, and Yoo-Na's co-star, a Gilderoy Lockhart-esque type whom Kohei knew back in school. The whole thing gets relatively complex before the end, but I make no apologies for the fact that I was extremely invested in the two leads.

Oh, and the theme song is pretty great, too. It's a cover of Harada Shinji's 1978 song 'Time Travel' by the band Spitz. Ah, here, check it out.

You can watch all of 99 Days with the Superstar on Crunchyroll.