Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Katsucon 2016: A Con of Ice and Fire

(A title I stole from about sixteen other people.)

Katsucon was the first anime con I ever went to back in 2000 with my college anime club, and I believe I've only ever missed one year. This year, as with last, I was there primarily representing (Re)Generation Who. If you'd like a peek at what we got up to, check out the site's entry on Katsu.

Biggest happy fun of the con? My friend and (Re)Gen press head Angela Pritchett made us matching TARDIS yukata!

Will definitely be wearing this around (Re)Gen and other cons. It's comfy, and also my posture is impeccable in this.

The downside of Friday night? Took a tumble down a stopped escalator. I'm a bit banged up, as is my bass, but Team Medical Dragon was on the case and looked after me. Awesome of them, as ever.

Saturday was photo shoots and putting out fires... literally. You may have heard that the hotel was evacuated, and you heard right. As it turns out, there was an electrical fire in the kitchen, and the local fire department took care of it -- meanwhile, there were nine of us in a van (yes, down by the river) waiting it out as we listened to the 'Hamilton' soundtrack. That's how you deepen a friendship, apparently.

In all seriousness, though, it was awesome to see people again, to meet new Doctor Who fans at the table, and to do the group cosplay thing with my friends. Including a Legends of the Hidden Temple group (yes, you read right) that I hope to have pics of later.

Incidentally -- now's a good time to mention that I have a Patreon, and patrons at $5 a month or higher will soon see a few videos from the con that won't be put up on my main YouTube channel. Now's a good time to look into that, so if you'd like to support me and see more of what I do, have a look and donate now!

Next up for me is MystiCon in Roanoke, VA. Come say hi at the (Re)Gen table if you're going to be there!