Friday, April 15, 2016

An Afternoon at RegentCon: College Geekery and the Future of Mystery Science Theater 3000

I've got a lot yet to say about (Re)Generation Who, but I've got a cool little thing to add to my post when the time comes that'll make it extra cool. So look forward to that -- it's nearly done.

Last weekend, though, I heard that there would be a small day-long convention over at Regent University, at which my friend Harold Buchholz would be speaking. Harold is a long-time cartoonist, a guest at last year's Intervention, and former Senior VP of Publishing at Archie Comics. Now, he's doing his dream job, as president of the company producing the new series of MST3K.

My family (especially my uncle and I) have long been fans of MST3K, so when we heard recently that Harold was involved with its revival, we couldn't have been happier. MST3K was a huge part of my childhood, and a major part of how Harold's family and mine became friends. His role in the MST3K Kickstarter was amazing -- together, the group created the most successful film/TV crowdfunding campaign ever, raising more than $6 million for the MST3K revival shooting later this year.

But the majority of Harold's speech was pre-MST3K, covering his time at Regent, his work helping other artists make their way, and his career at Archie Comics. It was a beautiful talk, touching on the importance of faith in his personal life as well as his career, and I'm pleased I was able to be around for it.

I also had the opportunity to meet the students who put the show on, including the local cosplay group, who were selling flash commissions and handmade goods.

It's great to see a local group taking initiative to start a convention, and I think Regent's homegrown con has a lot of potential. If they do it again, I'll definitely be going back.

Click here for more information on Regent University, or here for the latest news on the new series of MST3K.