Monday, April 4, 2016

MystiCon behind a table.

It's been a busy few weeks, my friends. (Re)Generation Who happened (more on that in a later post), tax time is peering through my doorway in a hockey mask, and I've not been posting nearly as much as would suit me. Which is a shame, because a lot's been going on.

Just as a reminder, I have a Patreon, and the people on it will be seeing some fun little things soon. So you might want to get on board. Free books, videos no one else will see, behind-the-scenes looks at things I'm working on before they go to print, and more.


February meant MystiCon in addition to Katsucon, which meant I headed back up to the mountains of Roanoke with Team ReGen to spread the good word. That meant not a lot of leaving the table, but the con did sort of pass right by us -- since we were right on the way to see George R.R. Martin at various points in the weekend.

(Did I meet him? Uh. He passed by me in the hall briefly on a mission. That's all. My friends' favourite joke seems to be shock that I survived the encounter. Heigh-ho.)

The majority of my time was spent chatting with fellow Whovians about the con and taking photos of them -- see for yourself:

I also got to meet my new favourite warrior princess:

And after a long day, I went and got my hair sparkled up! (Yes, those are actual blue tinsel strands tied into my hair.)

Oh, and of course, not every cosplayer I saw was of the Whovian persuasion:

I even took a bit of time to make a short video to show you some of the more kinetic antics that went on there. It's only a blip, but you might enjoy:

I'll be sure to chat about ReGen soon -- and at the end of this month, I'm off to RavenCon, where I'll be running Artist/Author alley again. See you there!