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Thursday, April 14, 2016

VIDEO: Chai Space Infused Vodka

So I got a way cool birthday present this year from my friends the Lamarras: custom made infused vodka made specifically for adding to tea. Apparently Valeria, one of the sisters, had travelled to Russia recently and learned about infused vodka, and they decided to give it a go themselves. They also know that I enjoy spiking my tea, so they made blends that would go well with various teas.

Amazing idea. I love it.

I know infused vodka is getting extremely popular these days, so I figured my readers and viewers would enjoy learning a little more about alternate uses for it. I've started off with my first review -- 'Chai and Relax,' a vodka infused with, well, chai spices. I tried it in a sweet and spicy herbal tea. What did I think? Rather helpfully, I've made a video.

This first infused vodka was pretty amazing, especially with the tea paired with it. I'm looking forward to trying to rest and sharing my reviews with you. Thanks especially to the Lamarras for thinking of me and coming up with this amazing present!

Incidentally, if you're interested in trying to make infused vodka at home, there are apparently tons of sites online with recipes and tips on how to do so. I'd be interested to see what others come up with (especially if you make something that would go well in tea)!