Sunday, April 17, 2016

VIDEO: Meet Latke.

Sorry, I forgot you were never formally introduced.

For those newer to the stuff that is me -- I have been a guinea pig owner for approximately 15 years now. Not sure how many guinea pigs I have owned in my time, but a fair number. My guinea pig herd tends to remain at about four (two boys and two girls -- yes, they are separated). So when one dies, which happens more than it might with a dog or cat as they are short-lived and fragile, I tend to get a new guinea pig pretty quickly so the cage mate left behind doesn't get lonely.

Rory, one of my older guinea pigs, lived to be nearly seven years old, and bore up under a variety of old age health issues. Ollie didn't fancy being alone, so Latke came home with me in a matter of days. The two get along for the most part, though Latke is slightly more hyperactive and adventurous, and Ollie just sort of wants to rule the roost.

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