Monday, May 9, 2016

RavenCon and on.

I've been going to RavenCon since its very first year, but only in the last couple years have I been anything like staff. I was brought on to take over Artist & Author Alley as a separate entity from the Vendor Room department. This is my second year doing it and, seriously, I love it.

RavenCon is largely literature-centric, though it does have panels on typical media stuff. But for a con that started in Richmond and whose mascot is Poe's old buddy... yeah, you get the idea. It's literary by design, and many of the guests are authors.

So while any con worth its salt these days has an Artist Alley, we make sure to include writers in ours. This means that not only will you find artists selling comics, jewelry, and other wares, you also have a chance to browser through the works of some extremely talented local writers. It's also a great place to network.

Note I said RavenCon started in Richmond. As of this year, they're down in Williamsburg, in a hotel I primarily recognized for its bar. Yeah, that was the big surprise of my first hotel tour: I'd actually been a regular at Pitchers, the hotel's bar, several years before. I can safely say that the rest of the hotel is extremely nice, too.

I orbited between the Alley and the Intervention/(Re)Generation Who table, so I also got to see a good number of cosplayers... the moment you've all been waiting for:

Undertale cuteness!

Doctor and TARDIS.

Talked to this group outside the hotel.

T-Tea tray racer?

Fabulous Fem Four!

A hotel staffer in a spot on movie Ford Prefect costume.
I'm looking forward to being back next year to run the Alley again. If you're interested in being a part of it, keep an eye on the website for when applications open!