Monday, June 20, 2016

Anime Mid-Atlantic -- Karaoke Party Time!

I was back at Anime Mid-Atlantic, my hometown anime con, this past weekend. It's my sixteenth year going and... well... my eleventh staffing. Kind of hard to believe I've been running karaoke here for more than a decade, but that's how it be.

And this year's karaoke competition was absolutely awesome. We were down one staffer because of a work conflict, but my usual team was fantastic as always. (It's why they're my usual team!) The singers were great, and the audience was super friendly. That's one of my favourite things about AMA karaoke: there's no heckling or booing and everyone is super supportive of their fellow fans.

My staff at work.

Our audience!

Table-eye view.

Veronica gettin' a little Cobra. Kawaii.
I'll be doing karaoke at AMA Cosplay Fest in December, too... but I'm going to be running it a little differently this time.

For the rest of the weekend, I was tabling for Intervention and (Re)Generation Who. We had a lot of interest in both events, so I'm hoping I helped open up some fun to people who hadn't heard about us before!

The Doctor is in!

Go go Power Rangers!
AMA weekend always falls on Father's Day, and thus right near my grandfather's birthday. So I can never go to the staff dinner because I'm spending that time with family. Even so, I hope all of AMA staff knows how much I enjoy working with them and how much I'm looking forward to future years.

If you like anime and Japanese culture and are in the Hampton Roads area, come check out AMA some year, do.

Now I need sleep.