Thursday, June 2, 2016

Balticon: Half a Century Later

Many many years ago, I went to my very first Balticon. I was there as a guest for some voice-over work I was doing at the time, but I was extremely out of my element. I remember very little of it: the guest dinner, buying a Fourth Doctor scarf, going onstage in a repurposed dress as Romana II and telling a lot of bad Dalek jokes -- and somehow getting a prize for that.

15 years later, I was back repping for (Re)Generation Who and Intervention at their 50th anniversary event. We even brought a TARDIS with us... though it took a little longer than usual to get it to materialize.

Some very cool cosplayers of all sorts also came by our table!

The Angels have the phone box!

Best Dalek I've seen since ReGen!

A Hybrid???

I got a cute sticker from the Mystery Twins!
Sadly, no glimpse of George RR Martin this time. But I understand he got to eat some delicious crab, so that's good.

Next up for me is AwesomeCon. I'll be there again promoting both cons and taking photos and video. Come by the Intervention/(Re)Gen booth if you want to say hi!