Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tea Mixology 101

There are two things I love very very much in this life: tea and alcohol. (Not just any alcohol... I'm picky. Which means I only drink socially, since my drinks of choice tend to be too expensive to have at all regularly.) Any chance to combine the two is a plus for me. So when my friends at Discover Teas let me know that they would be doing a tea mixology workshop... yeah, I was there.

I'm aware of the goodness of tea and alcohol together -- you may recall my first video involving the Lamarra sisters' infused vodkas (and I will do the rest soon, I promise!). But this went above and beyond what I was expecting and into a whole lot of fun areas.

First off, infusing. By which I mean infusing with tea leaves. Discover carries a massive variety of teas, everything from really high-end premium first flush teas to crazy stuff like watermelon oolong and this one that tastes a bit like Sprite when it's iced. So not only can you, say, do a Darjeeling infused gin (which I intend to do soon), you can use flavoured teas as a substitute for fruit or whatever else you might normally use.

Watermelon oolong vodka and Tropic of Jasmine gin.
The second part, and one I tested out literally the next day, is how to use tea as a mixer. This involved what sort of ratios to use, how long to steep it to make sure it was useful as a mixer, and again, what goes well with what. I ended up going to a party up at Rob's place the next night and making some rose Earl Grey moonshine. One of my best decisions ever.

Snax were also provided.

Discover has done tea appreciation classes at their Williamsburg shop for a while, but they're now branching out with these sorts of classes. Next month apparently they'll be doing one about making sparkling teas as an alternative to soda. Hopefully I'll be in town to check it out.

If you're in the Hampton Roads area, stop by Discover Teas at either of their locations for some quality tea and a quiet place to enjoy it. They also supply custom blends to local cons, including Nekocon and (Re)Generation Who!