Friday, June 10, 2016

The muchness that is Awesome Con — and the joy of tire repair.

(Re)Generation Who and Intervention did the thing at Awesome Con!

I've been to Awesome Con one time before, which was last year and for the same reason. I'm generally not used to big big cons, largely because I'm an awkward girl from the suburbs who started out doing local anime and relax-a-cons. But there were three big, big reasons that we seriously needed to be at Awesome this year: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and John Barrowman.

Of course, work and lines meant that my priority was to the booth and y'all, but I at least caught a glimpse of Mr. Capaldi and spoke for a moment to Mr. Barrowman, passing along gift bags from the con to all three of them (via their agents). Yeah, that's a thing we do. We know how hard guests work at cons and appreciate how far they come (especially the Doctor Who guests) to interact with fans, so we like to bring something along to let them know. The three got bottled water, snacks, a sample of our Doctor Whoo-long tea blend made by Discover Teas specially for (Re)Gen, and a few other things.

From what I hear and what little I saw, things went great and all three of them were as fab as the fans know them to be. I'm glad they made their way out and hope they'll do so again someday.

But the Onezumi Events team was there to spend time table-side with you guys, and I was especially making sure to take as many photos as possible of the cool Whovian (and occasionally not) cosplay.

Michael and a fem!7 duking it out.

Adorable 10 and Rose.

The whole gang!

Your friend when things get rough.

I ran into some unsavoury characters.

I understood that reference.

More interesting characters.
Obviously, this isn't all the photos I took. For more, visit the (Re)Generation Who Instagram, and be sure to follow it for more con antics!

One of the great things about working a con table is regular attendees come over to see us and say hi, so it's a great way to keep up with people. But we're also reaching out to an entirely new crowd in the mid-Atlantic, and it was fun to meet so many new people who'd never heard of us and were planning to bring their families to one or both events.

Really, at least for me, the only true down side of the con wasn't even to do with the con. As I was leaving Sunday, I swerved up onto the curb a bit hard, and a few minutes later I could tell something was wrong with my right front tire. A pedestrian informed me that I had a flat and pointed me to a gas station up the road. I limped there and... yeah. Looney Tunes flat. Fortunately, two members of the con team hadn't gotten out of town yet, and stayed with me while AAA came out.

They were quick, but for better or for worse, there was only so much they could do: my spare had a lot of bald patches. The gentleman popped it on and pointed us to a tire repair place three miles away. I was actually a bit glad of not having to take back roads all the way home on a donut, but I hate waiting for tires to be fixed.

See, though... the place we were pointed to was Mac's Tire Service. And I'm telling you, these guys are a Godsend. I have never seen a place like this before in my life and it upsets me that I haven't. It's a literal drive-thru tire repair shop. You get in line, they've got two people working at once, they fix or replace your tire while you wait in a little lounge off to the side, you pay, you get back in and drive out the other side. Saying I was there an hour would probably be overestimating. And they were so, so nice. So even the bad part of the weekend was resolved quickly and amiably, and I could go home to the pigs with good memories.

Thanks as ever to Awesome Con for giving us a spot to reach out to our fellow fans. Next up on my roster is Anime Mid-Atlantic in Chesapeake, where I will be returning yet again to run Friday night karaoke. Hope to see bunches of you there!