Monday, July 25, 2016

"World of Warcraft: Legion" Beta Review Part 3: DEMON HUNTERS ARE GREAT


I ain't even mad they can only be elves, they look too rad.

So, when last we left off, I was taking my demon hunter to Dalaran, just as I did my stand-in paladin. The Dalaran segment of the story was, unsurprisingly, similar to what went down when I played as the paladin: Khadgar put his screwball idea into action, I was called upon by senior members of my class, and I was told to pick an artifact to pursue. Since demon hunters only have two specs, there were only two artifacts to choose from.

Now, in the case of my paladin, I was given a lift to the instance. On my demon hunter, I was basically told to jump and enjoy the view. (Okay, I was told to glide, but I like the impact of mine better.) Incidentally, yes, I finally learned that there is an actual Glide button you can assign. Once I got that sorted, I had no problems.

Though the bosses were different, the acquisition of my artifact took place on the same stage as it did for my paladin, following the same general path through it (albeit not necessarily hitting the same 'marks,' if that makes sense). I was then take back to my class order hall -- which was still a super cool scene, although not as emotionally moving as the paladin one. But that could be just me because I actually am a big dumb paladin IRL.

Then I was given the map again and offered one of several missions. I went to go help Genn Greymane, because I've missed my Gilnean NPCs. It was nice to see Genn and Lorna back in action, and boy. BOY. This was all done in between airships, and there was all sorts of flying and jumping and crashing.

And this here is where I learned something that has made me extremely happy: tanking as a demon hunter is really satisfying.

There's just so much jumping and pouncing and smashing and slashing and crazy demon craziness. It felt really good. You know those games you pick up after work because you've had a bad day and you need to cause havoc in a way that doesn't actually cause havoc? That's what this was. I really, really enjoyed it. And once you've got all your different powers in line and experiment a bit, even having too much choice (as mentioned before) becomes pretty much a non-issue and you get into the flow of it.

I'm still quite curious as to what effect my previous choice will have (or has had) on character story, but as with the paladin, I'm leaving off early. Again, I don't want to play too much because I want some new content left.

I didn't find any new issues with this playthrough, fortunately. Which means there's just a few last things left to do.

One being to peek at the Horde-side opening.

Yeah, I may have lied about not intending to do that during the beta. Whoops.