Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Proper Tea: Discover Tea's First Summer Social with Miss Priss

Discover Teas has been adding more and more social events to its calendar, including the various workshops and classes I've written about so far. This past weekend, with the help of the Miss Priss Tea Co., they put on a catered summer social for the locals with all the fancy trimmings!

Miss Priss (Patricia Bradby) provided the food: finger sandwiches and small cookies. The finger sandwiches were the expected cream cheese sort, with one including cucumbers and the other containing a walnut blend. They were both great, but the walnut was something unfamiliar and extra special. I meant to find out more about it before everything closed down!

As for cookies, there were two kinds: oatmeal chocolate chip and small lemon cakes. Both were fantastic. And I'm not even a fan of oatmeal or lemon. Of course, that's the tricky part of catering to total strangers on a limited menu: there's always a danger of annoyingly picky eaters like me. But the lemon in the lemon cakes was subtle, and the oatmeal cookies had a softer texture than you might normally associate with oatmeal cookies. Two things I've gone on record as not liking, and I liked them both.

Naturally, there was tea -- there were three teas, actually: one hot, one iced, and one sparkling cold-brew. The iced was the shop's watermelon oolong cold-brewed, which has been a very popular one (especially with me. The sparkling tea was a lemon ginger rooibos. And their hot tea was a new blend created especially for Miss Priss, including bergamot, lavender, chamomile, and several other largely floral ingredients. I might be a tiny bit biased because I'm seriously a sucker for bergamot, but I really liked this new blend and hope I'll have other opportunities to try it.

Even though the eats were top-tier, the atmosphere was kept comfortably casual. It was more a buffet than any sort of sit-down dealie (though of course there were plenty of places to sit). The social lasted four hours, which meant people could come and go as they pleased, sample food and tea, or get a big cup of tea from the usual counter for themselves.

I'm hoping Discover Teas continues with this sort of social in future. Maybe I'm a bit greedy, but I'd love an autumn one (pumpkin-flavoured everything and smoky teas), or a winter one ('mulled' tea and Christmas cookies)... you get the idea. Honestly I'll drop everything for a catered tea, because they're so hard to find in this part of the US.

Check out the Discover Teas events page for a schedule of classes, parties, and workshops. And if you're looking for someone to do some classy catering for your next party, visit Miss Priss.