Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pop-Up Movie Time

Intervention was recently invited up to Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market as part of their sci-fi programming surrounding the release of Star Trek Beyond. As I was the only free hand, I made the trip for the group.

Honestly, I had no idea what this was all about, but when I got there, I really loved the look of the place.

Union Market is a year-round indoor market full of start-up businesses including markets, restaurants, and creative endeavours. The theatre is just across the street, and it's a branch of SoHo's Angelika Film Center. While they're known for showing arthouse films, they'll also occasionally bring in blockbusters -- and that's what was going on this weekend.

Currently, Angelika D.C. is showing three big-name films: Bad Moms, Jason Bourne, and Star Trek Beyond. In recognition of the latter, and to tie in with plans for their Studio Ghibli Summer Festival, they hosted a 'mini-con' this past Sunday in their foyer. It was something of a small-sized dealers' room for moviegoers to check out before or after the film, to learn more about geeky happenings and shops in the mid-Atlantic area.

Our setup.
Also with us were Fantom Comics and Riverby Books -- all lovely people and fun to spend an afternoon with. And Weston, who arranged the day, treated us to some really fab pizza. I got to chat with moviegoers who had never heard of our events before but seemed really excited. So hoping to see some of them at Intervention this year!

If you're in the D.C. area, be sure to check out their upcoming events. In addition to their Ghibli festival, they also have special matinees for parents with new babies, students, coffee lovers, and more! And thanks again to Weston and the Angelika staff for being so friendly and hospitable to all of us!