Friday, September 30, 2016

Intervention 7: Bigger, Better, and with More Cookies

So I genuinely don't know how to put into words how awesome this year's Intervention was. It was a lot of work pulling it together -- especially on my end, as I'm head of social media, an interviewer, quasi-assistant to the con chair, general 'extra pair of hands,' and was launching a book series that weekend. But Oni's staff is always awesome, and at the end of the weekend I was exhausted but ridiculously happy.

There was no way I saw everything (work, remember), but the things I was around for? Well, I can fill you in on those.

One of our guests was the fantastic David Gerrold, writer for Star Trek, Land of the Lost, and beyond. I had the privilege of interviewing him Friday night, and he was wonderful to speak to. Not only that, he was extremely kind to our vendor room staff beforehand, and was a very cheerful fella at his table.

Later that evening I sat in with director Rachel Talalay on her Heaven Sent panel. The plan had been to interview her, but she came prepared with a literal master class on the episode -- which meant I got to sit back and enjoy with everyone else!

Rachel is a wonderful, wonderful lady, full of information and enthusiasm, and I consider myself extremely privileged to have met her that weekend.

Then after that was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Thomas Dolby perform live. And we had no idea it was going to be a performance, either. He did three songs that evening (one of which he did with live-looping), as well as a talk on the history of his career and a Q&A at the end. I didn't have a chance to meet him myself, but he's a wonderful public speaker and a delightful person to see onstage.

Now Saturday... Saturday was the busy day.

We kicked off with the book launch for Owl's Flower -- a small but entertaining gathering where Ginger and I talked about the new book series, served coffee and tea and cookies, and gave out prizes to the attendees! And as of that day, you can get the first book free on the website! There have been great reviews so far, and there are more books to come!

After that, I had to run back to Main to interview anime voice actor and Star Trek Continues actor Todd Haberkorn. As we both work in the anime industry (albeit different sides), it was an interesting talk overall. Sadly, Todd was coming down with something, but his energy levels were high and he was as entertaining as I was told he is. Such a delight to chat with him.

I had a bit of time off after that... and then it was the big interview of the weekend. Alex Kingston!

This interview was a general career spotlight, so we did touch on Doctor Who, but I spent most of the time talking about her previous work -- Shakespeare, ER, Lost in Austen, that lovely stuff. And the audience had great questions, too!

Alex is a total sweetheart, and I'm so glad we got to chat a bit beforehand. She gave me two recipes for fish fingers and custard (that actually sound good) and was just, well, overall pleasant. As sad as I am that Arthur Darvill couldn't make it this year, having Alex on board was such a great experience.

Late that night was the recording for Managlitch City Interactive. I'm a regular cast member -- Artema Sable, a badass demon hunter who may or may not have been written specifically for me. But this episode, which pulled cast members from the audience, was a show-within-a-show: Captain Shadow, a pulp sci-fi/action radio series. I played the excitable kid companion Billie, with Oni stepping in to play a role in the second half. When the episode becomes available, I'll share it!

Last day of the con. I was pulled in at the last minute to interview Oni for her marketing panel. Easy enough job and fun to do -- we talk enough with each other to make a good conversation flow, and it's stuff we talk about a lot. Plus, we had caffeine.

My last panel of the day was running microphones for Todd and Gigi Edgley at the 'Loving the Alien' panel, followed by mic-running for the closing panel. Overall, people seemed happy with the con this year, and we had a lot of new people who didn't even know we were right there in their backyard.

This isn't even covering everything. I got to meet Juliet Landau (very cheerful and huggy) and Dwight Schultz (extremely friendly), catch up with John Peel and Keith DeCandido, and chat with lots of attendees both old and new. Intervention is the ideal place for things like that... you know, actually finding people to talk to at cons.

There's still a lot to do post-con: sort photos, read reviews, and then shift gears to (Re)Generation Who. But I've mostly recovered from the whirlwind weekend, and seven years later, it's still one of my absolute favourite cons to attend and work.