Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Intervention 7: Talking to the Stars!

So I've been working with Intervention in some form since its very first year. Starting last year, I took up social media and outreach duties, the same as I do for (Re)Generation Who. Also like at (Re)Gen, I run some of the panels and Q&As. And if you haven't noticed, this year is a big year for Intervention. We've got tons of guests from Star Trek and Doctor Who, we've got Thomas freaking Dolby, we've got interactive panels, we've had to change our layout to get a main events room big enough for our guests...

... and yeah, I'm doing the thing again.

My schedule this year is packed, and I could not be more excited. Between my hosting duties, my participation in things I'm specifically a part of, and my staff work, I'm gonna be swept off my feet in the best way possible.

So here is my schedule... and this should give you a little idea of what you can see if you attend the con.

Friday 5 PM, Large Panel Room: David Gerrold Spotlight
I'm interviewing the fab fella who wrote 'The Trouble with Tribbles' and created the Sleestak, not to mention his massive amounts of writing outside of television. Definitely doing my homework on this one!

Friday 7 PM, Panels Room 2: Doctor Who, 'Heaven Sent' -- From Script to Screen with Rachel Talalay
Chatting with Rachel about potentially my favourite Doctor Who episode ever. She's been very open about her work on it on social media, so I'm looking forward to what she has to say!

Saturday 11 AM, Panels Room 1: Owl's Flower Book Launch Party
Ginger Hoesly and I are launching a new light novel series, Owl's Flower, with a party and panel! There will be snacks, coffee, tea, prizes, and whatever else we can bring together. Please come out and support us!

Saturday 12 PM, Large Panel Room: Todd Haberkorn Spotlight
Todd is a fantastic anime voice actor who also appears as Spock in the series Star Trek Continues. We'll be chatting about his career, his various roles, and the life of a voice actor!

Saturday 5 PM, Large Panel Room: Robert Axelrod Spotlight
Interviewing Lord Zedd himself! Robert Axelrod has a varied career outside of Power Rangers, so it's going to be a very cool conversation.

Saturday 8 PM, Large Panel Room: Alex Kingston Spotlight
Originally I'd been set to interview Arthur Darvill, but he had to cancel for work-related reasons. But we got Alex in as a last-minute ringer, and I'll be interviewing her! She'll have a panel Sunday focused solely on Doctor Who and hosted by the lovely Cat Smith, but in this panel we'll talk about her career overall.

Saturday 10 PM, Panels Room 1: Managlitch City Interactive
Back for another year! I had so much fun playing my character of Artema Sable in the live Managlitch podcast, especially considering I got to bicker with the great Terry Molloy as High Minister Sheaffer. I have no idea what the script will bring this year, but I'm looking forward to taking part. Attendees might have a chance at a role, too!

Sunday 2 PM, Large Panel Room: Loving the Alien
Chatting with Todd Haberkorn and Gigi Edgley about what it takes to play an alien character. When I saw this in the panel lineup, I was fascinated by the idea and specifically asked if I might have a go at this one.

Phew! And that's just what I'm involved with! Check out the full programming schedule. There are Q&As with your faves, panels on how to create and maintain your own creative projects, a full children's programming track, and more!

This is going to be Intervention's biggest year yet, and you're going to be kicking yourself if you don't go. So do yourself a favour and register now!