Thursday, September 22, 2016

Write Like You're Alive: A New Free Ebook

Over the summer, I participated in Write Like You're Alive, in which a group of writers wrote one thing a day for 31 days on the theme of the title. It could be disconnected pieces, poetry, works on a theme, segments of a manuscript in process, whatever. As long as they crossed the finish line with at least 20 pieces complete, they were guaranteed a spot in the anthology.

I crossed the line with, well, 31 pieces. In my case, I opted to created a new short work, 31 pieces long, which I would add to once a day. It was semi-autobiographical but still largely fictional: the story of Dee, a young woman traveling abroad in England for a month on the recommendation of her recently deceased mother. Once a day, she wrote about what she did -- and in the process revealed what she was doing, why she was there, and (inadvertently) why her mother made her promise to go abroad after the funeral.

I may eventually put out the whole thing, which is under 70 pages, as an ebook. For now, though, you can read two selections from it in Write Like You're Alive, along with a variety of other works.

Best of all? Zoetic Press is releasing it free. You can get your copy right here and start enjoying it now!