Thursday, October 27, 2016

Welcome to the news room!

So a lot of you have been following my work for a while and know that I've spent some time both as a subtitle editor for Crunchyroll and as a writer for Otaku USA magazine. Well, things sort of converged, and as of this week (officially, unofficially last week), I'm a regular Crunchyroll news writer!

What does that entail? Well, a lot of translation software and patience, for one thing. But it's also a very cool little group of people (many of whom I already know from other projects) working together to put out anime, game, and geek news stories every hour.

It's also very different to other news jobs I've done. With some, there are very strict rules: stories have to be at least X number of words "so our ads will show up." They have to include X number of sources, but not those sources. They have to be paired with Today's Top Keywords to make sure they get tweeted out adequately. You have to link to at least two of the site's other articles in the body of your article. Et cetera, et cetera.

Hell, in one of these jobs (I won't name the site), I was told that the quality of the story was secondary and it was primarily about "getting those clicks." And while I of all people understand the necessity of page views... that was disheartening.

Not so Crunchyroll. The writers communicate. The house style is meant to make the stories appealing, clear, and informative -- not turning over story after story to trick readers into generating ad revenue. And, nicest of all, it's stuff I'm interested in, so pulling a story together doesn't feel like a chore or a crawl through the dark.

So what am I covering? Sheesh, everything. It's a broad spectrum. If it's part of anime or games or comics or Japanese entertainment, it'll get addressed in there somewhere.

So if you want a regular feed of anime news, bookmark the Crunchyroll news feed. Or if you specifically want to see what I'm up to, bookmark my feed.