Thursday, November 3, 2016

Magical Sumi: I Inktober'd a Book!

So I finished Inktober successfully, but apparently that wasn't enough for me. Since I created a character just for Inktober purposes, I wanted to do something with the results.

So I did.

The story of Magical Sumi has been turned into an ebook -- with a page of story accompanying each ink drawing. It's currently up for preorder on Amazon for $1.99, which I don't think is all that shabby for a fully illustrated book.

It was honestly never my intent to go anywhere with these. It was just a matter of seeing if I could. But as I filled out the prompts, I noticed a storyline was developing... and, as they say, I figured 'What the hell.'

It's a short, sweet, simplistic story. No big plot twists, no huge drama. Just a little magical girl lost in a strange world and wanting to go home. I like to think it's cute and a bit fun, though. So I do hope you'll consider giving it a read.

It comes out November 15th, but you can preorder it now!