Friday, February 10, 2017


So, you know, as I mentioned before, I'm running a beta campaign of Dungeon Tours, Ltd. with some friends of mine. If you missed my original post on it, check it out and verse yourself if you like -- short version, it's D&D meets Leverage on the Fate Accelerated system. A team of former adventurers tries to create a "real" adventure experience for a dumb, annoying, or otherwise difficult client.

The guide gives the impression that this is a one-off -- but one thing we noticed is that it's better served as a three-part mini-campaign: one session for the intro and client interview, one for the plan and build, one for the dungeon run. So much of it is based on RP (thought I deliberately threw in extra dice roles where I wouldn't normally so I could test the gameplay fully) that doing all of that at once would only be suitable for an all-day marathon. Your mileage may vary, I suppose.

That aside, meet our intrepid party:

Nadiyeh: A shapeshifter con artist with huuuuge... er, tracts of land, and a propensity for spinning tales that get way out of control. Our client meets her as the scarred badass adventuress Cassandra Blackthorne.

Dungustine Turdier: An orc who, after the wars, turned to acting. Prefers the finer things in life, but will play a stereotypical orcish brute when necessary. He and Nadiyeh are straight out of Mean Girls with each other.

Samantha O'Flange: A halfling mechanic who's never not thinking and never not caffeinated. An expert at explosives, both real and for show.

Henriksdale Tived: A senile dwarf healer who, despite not even knowing why he's a member of this group, manages to calm and heal them with his rambling stories.

Zabrex: A dragon trickster who, besides taking on various roles a la Nadiyeh, also ends up as the Final Boss quite a bit. Supplier of snark, apparently terribly with bookshelves.

They are Dungeons & Dragons LLC, and they've been called upon to handle the tenth birthday of the daughter of renowned hero Marcus Baronoff. He thinks his daughter should get a start in the family business early, and said daughter is right behind him on that. There's just two problems: the daughter and her nanny.

Sasha Valencia Baronoff: Will be ten years old in a week, and is currently going through a "prince phase" thanks to a popular children's book. Generally considers herself too good for anyone else, but Nadiyeh rolled a +5 on a Flashy check won her over with demonstrations of heroics. Also, Sasha just did her very first cartwheel.

Nanny Lunella: A young(-looking) elf governess who has only the best intentions and really doesn't want anything bad to happen to anyone at all. She would probably keep Sasha in bubble wrap if she could get away with it, and she's stepped in to make sure Sasha's birthday adventure is as harmless as possible. Very sweet, and the easiest damn mark in the world.

The group's job? They now have to make a dungeon adventure that is:

-- Real enough to satisfy Marcus Baronoff
-- Safe enough to keep Lunella from fainting
-- Close enough to Sasha's favourite book to satisfy her, but not so close that she figures out it's all a set-up

We'll be setting up part 2 (the legend, the build, and... uh... stuff they can't know about) as soon as we all have the time. But so far, we are adoring DTL, and I can't wait to get the group around the table again.