Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Where to See Me at (Re)Generation Who!

The bar.

Okay, no, seriously. Like me, you're going to (Re)Gen to see the guests, the cosplay, the panels, and all that. But this event is the only time I get to see some people. That, and... well, apparently some of you like seeing me do stuff.

So, here's my run-down for what I'm up to this (Re)Gen!

Friday, 10 pm: Davros Variety Hour ~ Large Panel Room 
So happy to be working with Terry Molloy, Cat Smith, Team Shenanigans, Antipode, and the rest again this year for some crazy fun entertainment. I won't be onstage much -- mostly behind the scenes herding cats for this and the magic show -- but I will most definitely be around! And if I'm not too tired, I'll hopefully get some dancing in at the Time and Space Jam after!

Saturday, 10 am: Scratchshot 1: A Workshop with Terry Molloy ~ Panel Room 2
A writing and performance workshop headed up by Mr. Molloy. I'll be more on hand for things like timing and being an extra hand, but this is all about you guys. Be sure to sign up in advance, as spaces are limited!

Saturday, 12 pm: George Mann: Writer Spotlight ~ Panel Room 1
A chat with Mr. George Mann, comic and tie-in book writer. Looking forward to talking with him about his varied work across the Whoniverse!

Saturday, 1 pm: Katy Manning is Jo Grant ~ Large Panel Room
I'll be joining the lovely Mr. Paul Magrs for a panel with Katy Manning -- Jo Grand (and Iris Wildthyme) herself!

Saturday, 3 pm: The Tiny-Wimey Children's Cosplay Show ~ Special Events
Make no mistake, I'll just be here as an observer and photographer. The real stars are the young cosplayers! Come see the adorable cosplay... and if you have a young Whovian with you, be sure to bring them along!

Sunday, 10 am: Iris Wildthyme: Life and Times of the Maverick Timelady ~ Panel Room 1
Teaming up with that Paul Magrs fella again, this time to talk about the perennial Miss Wildthyme. Maybe Panda will join us!

Sunday, 12 pm: The Doctor's Friends ~ Large Panel Room
I moderate a discussion with Richard Franklin (Mike Yates), Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), and Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint)! I'm really looking forward to this chance at bringing together actors from across the eras!

Sunday, 3 pm: Companions! ~ Large Panel Room
The Companions panel is always fun. This year we have Peter Purves and Katy Manning joining us. What will happen? In past years we've had surprise guests and spur-of-the-moment episode reenactments. Anything could happen!

Other than that, I'll be drinking tea, being generally stressed, and trying to stay alert. And loving every single minute of it.

I'm leaving for Baltimore tonight, but the show kicks off Friday evening. Hope to see lots of you there!