Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Discover Teas ~ Time to Dye!

Now that there are no children in the immediate family, Easter is a far more chill time of year for my family. Like all other holidays, the core of it tends to be going over to my uncle and aunt's place, having dinner, watching some MST3K (especially true now), and comparing notes on working in the arts.

So no, not a lot of egg dyeing goes on. Even so, I did stop in on Discover Teas' egg dyeing workshop beforehand. The class taught you how to forego store-bought dyes and use natural tea leaves and herbs (plus another ingredient or two) to create your own pretty colours at home.

We did get a worksheet of what herbs and teas produce which effects -- in the interests of the shop, I won't be cribbing it. But for quick examples? Regular black tea gives a reddish-brown hue, hibiscus gives a greyish-black, and various shades of yellow can be achieved with chamomile, turmeric, or green tea. How to do it and how to get various effects can be learned at a class like this one -- but one thing I'll say is that, unlike drugstore dye, the eggs have to sit a lot longer. Talking into the hours. But it's worth it.

Emily did a great job teaching the class -- she even had a very cool Overwatch themed egg she made in advance. (Sadly, didn't get a photo of that.) We also got to take our own eggs home, already in a tea/dye bath, to see how they turned out later. I went with the black tea.

Besides the fact that I'm just a black tea junkie in general, I had a reason for my choice. Back when my grandfather was a kid living in West Virginia, his family dyed eggs for the Orthodox church where his dad was a priest. Red eggs are actually used as part of the Orthodox Easter rite, and the eggs had to be dyed with natural ingredients. So this is how they did it -- same way as we learned at the shop.

Sadly I didn't have a chance to do any experimenting with other colours this year, but I'm hoping to play with some different teas next year and do a nice little basket for my family. If you're interested in learning more cool things like this, look up Discover Teas on Facebook!