Monday, April 10, 2017

(Re)Generation Who 3: Movin' on Up!

With con chair Oni Hartstein and masquerade organizer Stephen Webb.
(Re)Generation Who 3 was a whirlwind. New hotel, new-series guests, a department switch for me (as I moved more solidly into Programming with a side of Guest Relations), and 100% fewer horse photos. A lot of big changes and additions were made, but for the most part, they made things genuinely awesome.

For a start, I was glad to be firmly in the Programming side of things. It let me work with Craig Cobalt on coming up with awesome panels, gave me an opportunity to chat with the guests and let them get to know me prior to interviews, and meant I didn't have to make emergency social media posts mid-con.

With Katy Manning, Paul Magrs, and Panda.
Craig's a master of panels. I got to sit in with both Paul Magrs and Katy Manning twice (once on the same panel!), had a fab time with George Mann talking about his writing career, met Neve McIntosh and Catrin Stewart (two of the Paternoster Gang) as well as Classic actors Peter Purves and Richard Franklin, and -- best of all -- got to hear great questions from the audience. I like the new setup of the moderator running the mic around. It's much more interactive, and we get more time to squeeze in more questions. And the (Re)Gen crowd always has great ones!

The cast of the Davros Variety Hour (with Terry Molloy center).
Being right on the Inner Harbor meant a lot of fun things: a Five Guys right in walking distance, malls to explore (one actually attached to the hotel!), and a beautiful view from the hotel restaurant. Incidentally, lots of hotel staff are Doctor Who fans, as I learned when I checked in Wednesday night. I'm hoping some of them got a few minutes off to see the event!

With George Mann and Paul Magrs -- their first time guesting at an American con!
One thing I especially love about Onezumi Events is that, no matter what the con is about, there will always be a creative and educational bent to it. Our writer and artist panels were well attended, largely by people wanting to get into the industry themselves, and there were lots of thoughtful questions about the guests' various creative processes.

Also of note -- Oni and Craig and I have been talking with some of these writer guests about finding more ways for the attendees to learn and participate at future cons! Once we've all had a bit of a rest, we're going to look into some ways to integrate that into programming even more. So if you or a family member is a fan and also a creative sort, this is the place for you!

With that Rob Shearman fella. I assure you that the exhaustion on my face is not due to him.
Incidentally, we got to welcome my friends Rob Lantz and Ginger Hoesly to the staff this year -- Rob was a driver for Guest Relations, and Ginger worked merch table (in addition to doing some amazing art and publications work!). I have heard from the unbiased that they were both incredible assets to the event. I am very pleased indeed.

So what's next? Programming and blogging for PotterVerse, it looks like, once we're all done recovering. Yeah, I'm on board for both. We've got some cool guests for our first year, like Miriam Margolyes, Chris Rankin, Adrian Rawlins, and more to be announced! And of course (Re)Gen 4 planning is underway. But that's a year out.