Wednesday, April 5, 2017

REVIEW: March Birchbox ~ Pretty Mighty

March, as anyone who knows me knows, is pretty much my insanity month. Con season is on, (Re)Generation Who is right around the corner, and the spring anime season is about to air. Plus there's allergies. Lots and lots of allergies.

So anything that helps my skin and helps me feel pretty is extremely appreciated this month. The Birchbox theme for March was "Pretty Mighty," featuring "high-performing heroes that will bring out your inner boss."

One of the items in the box (a nice perfume) has been discontinued, sadly, but I'll give you the lowdown on the remaining four:

COOLA Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer ~ $32

I love a good moisturizer, and it's one of the things I'm constantly picky about. I'm a big baby and don't like oily stuff on my skin or in my hair, which makes getting SPF protection difficult and using half the high-end beauty products out there nigh impossible.

Fortunately, this stuff is nice. It's very cool and light on the skin with a nice scent. It doesn't come across as feeling like SPF protection or smelling like sunscreen. I've actually been using it under my makeup, and I don't use SPF protection under my makeup much for the reasons listed above. Will be holding on to this and restocking when I run out.

amika Nourishing Mask ~ $28

Masks... for hair... I'm still wrapping my head around the semantics of a "hair mask," but I'm on board with them if I just remember they're like god-mode conditioner.

This one smelled nice -- like the moisturizer, it was a more subtle smell. It had about the same consistency as my regular conditioner, so it didn't feel weird putting it in my hair or anything. All things considered, though, it had about the same results as my regular conditioner, too. It was very nice, but I might just not need the level of help that this product offers.

LOC Vibrant Matte Lipstick ~ $10

I love a good lipstick. This is always my favourite part of a Birchbox, finding a new shade. The one I was sent was a nice shade, but the coverage was... strange. It was all right, but if you're going to wear it you need to make sure your lips are very exfoliated. Which, in the on-and-off cold snaps, was not happening for me.

For whatever reason, if your lips are not completely Teen Vogue prom night smooth, this lipstick will accentuate that really awkwardly. Which is a shame. I love the shades, and I love smaller lipsticks because I can slide them in my purse and I make fewer mistakes with them. But this one was so unforgiving, I can't wear it unless I've really looked after myself that day.

Beauty Protector Protect & Volume ~ $23.50

I love Beauty Protector, and not just because their logo looks like the emblem for the biker gang of my dreams. They have really good hair products that smell nice, do their freaking job, and don't weigh my weird frizzy hair down.

This particular one is really helpful for when my hair is having one of its flat days. My only complaint is that Beauty Protector's sample bottles are a bear to spray from. I have to use both hands to get any traction on the spritz top, which is awkward, and I end up spraying a bunch into the air around me.

While all of this month's products were useful in some way, it was nice to see three stand-out products I plan to buy: the moisturizer, the Beauty Protect, and... oh, right. The perfume was discontinued. Just going to have to be sparing with what I've got.

If you'd like to give Birchbox a try, click here to get started! There are boxes for everyone!