Monday, July 31, 2017

LOCAL: Discover Teas Gets Fizzy for Summer Mocktail Party

It's been stupid, stupid hot in Virginia. And for those who aren't locals, let me put that in perspective. It's not just hot, it's humid. There is genuinely no escape from the heat just by sitting in the shade. And despite being largely Mediterranean, I wilt in extreme heat like a southern gardenia. So despite my insistence on strong hot black tea at all times, my recent trips to Discover Teas have been largely iced tea focused just to cool my insides so I don't go nuclear.

This is another reason I signed up fast for their summer sparkling tea workshop. If you're a long-time reader of my blog, you've seen me talk about it before; and if you're an Owl's Flower fan, you may have had a Fizzy Stormy at our book launch party. If you're unfamiliar with the idea of sparkling iced tea, Discover Teas employee Mai-Anh can fill you in with this blog post about it. Not only is it a new way to change up how you take your tea, it's also a good replacement for soda if you're trying to kick the habit. It's naturally sweet, better for you in general, and (in a lot of cases) tastes better.

This summer's sparkling tea workshop was equal parts how-to and tasting, with a twist this time. Rather than simply sampling a few sparkling teas, we were shown how to play with them and make "mocktails" using healthy ingredients like natural juice and fresh fruit.

Available to sample were peach apricot, lemon-lime, and the house blend Peaceful Pathways. Mai-Anh also made a sample on site -- a cola replacement blend she's been working on -- so we could all see and taste how sparkling tea is made. When explanations and demonstrations were done, we all had a chance to put in for our own "mocktails" made with the sparkling teas.

For what it's worth, I go to the shop and its events a lot (in case you haven't noticed from my blog), so I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what they offer and what they can do. But the mocktail they put together for me was amazing. Blending the tea with juice gave it a kick I'd never even considered. And I'm already scheming how I can use this at parties and book launches in the future.

If you're too far away to hit up the shop yourself, you can always like them on Facebook for fun tea facts, announcements, sales, and blog posts from the employees. And if you want to try some of their tea for yourself, check out their website. Yep, they ship!