Wednesday, August 30, 2017

BOOKS: No pressure, I'm writing a Time War book.

Things seem to be happening extremely quickly in my life. One minute I'm editing subtitles to make ends meet, the next I'm being flown out to California to interview people who have been in the anime industry for as long as I've been alive. And then there's this whole thing of... like... I'm co-writing a Time War book.

No pressure, right?

Declan May of Seasons of War recruited me and the amazing Paul Driscoll to work together on a novella: Seasons of War: Gallifrey. The story would focus on four Gallifreyans -- a Time Lord, a soldier, a senator, and a conscientious dissenter -- all of whom are friends, and all of whose positions and relationships are forever altered by the Time War.

We were given a lot of leeway, and via several Skype sessions with Paul we ended up coming up with our characters and storyline. Now it's just a matter of making the magic happen. Or letting the characters have run of the place. Whichever mood they're in that day.

Seasons of War started out as a single-volume charity anthology raising money for Cauldwell Children: an organization that provides wheelchairs and other necessities to underprivileged families with disabled children. The line continues with the Cauldwell tie, of course -- but now it's branching out into novels, novellas, and anthologies beyond the original.

I'm flattered and privileged to be working with both Declan and Paul on such an amazing project for such a good cause.

Oh, and my sharp-eyed readers may notice something familiar about our cover. If you think you've spotted the hand of Ginger Hoesly in it, you're right. She's done an amazing job of creating a cover that reflects both the mood and various themes of the story. And from what I hear, this isn't even its final form. I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Want a copy? You can preorder now!

In the UK
Outside the UK

We also have tentative plans to host a book launch at (Re)Generation Who 4, including more information on the series and charity as a whole. So if you're in the mid-Atlantic area of the US and want to be up close and personal when it launches... you might want to be there.

Thanks again -- and as always -- for all your support. I really hope we make something amazing for you.