Monday, October 2, 2017

KARA ABROAD: England Again?

If my blog scheduling has gone as it ought -- which it usually tends to -- right about now I'll be arriving at my friends' place in Carshalton, sitting somewhere comfortable and stationary for the first time in almost 12 hours. And if I know my friends, they'll have the kettle on and one of their cats will already be in my lap.

I first went to England almost exactly ten years ago (as evidenced by my sudden rush to renew my passport), 26 years old and working a desk job and having never left the country. It was around Christmas, a time of year I still love there. There was random homesickness, confusion, and a period where I was stranded in Paris on Christmas Eve. It was your typical first trip to the place you've wanted to go all your life: it's nothing like you imagined it, but if you're lucky, you learn to love it for what it really is.

I'm fortunate in that I really genuinely do love England. There are things within it I'm not fond of, of course. Black snot after a day in London. Low water pressure in most showers. No Arby's. But I like it enough that I have a separate bank account set aside for the purpose of having money to go back ideally once a year. (Okay, ideally if I had my way I'd bop back and forth and just be wherever the whether is cool and broody, but the guinea pigs haven't had all their shots.)

This is my fifth trip. So I'm pretty much to the point where there's no point in saying how many trips I've been on and just saying "I go every year or so." I've seen all the "important" things, as in all the things people will ask if I've gone and done who've never been. Now I go to see friends, to see what they've discovered, and just to reset. Because my mind settles over there. I don't know why. I wasn't born there. But you likely have a place like that, too -- not home really, but feels like it ought to be.

Plans this go 'round? See many, many friends. No trip to the Doctor Who Experience, sadly, as it's gone away, but a trip to Cardiff at some point. Checking out filming locations, discovering bars and cafes that come recommended. Maybe just packing up my laptop and getting myself lost in London, finding a Costa, and sitting down to write for a few hours until I decide to consult my GPS.

But other plans this go 'round? Make some time on my trip to talk to you guys as I go. I attempted that in the past, but I wasn't terribly good at time management or figuring out what you guys wanted to hear. But with the presence of (Re)Generation Who, and with a lot of you being more vocal about what in my work you guys want more info on, I think I can do a bit better.

So keep eyes on this blog for snippets of what I get up to while I'm here. I have pretty much no idea what it will entail, and that's sort of how I like it.

... oh, and when I get back? I may be opening my Patreon again. So, you know, start counting your dollars if that's a thing you like.
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