Friday, November 24, 2017

I'm an AudioVerseAward Finalist???

Well, things have got unexpectedly awesome.

Aron Toman's fantastic first season of The Chronicles of Oz got tons of recognition in the 2017 AVAs' semifinalist list. With nominations for music, acting, writing, and God knows what else, we were all over the place. For those of you who voted for us in the semifinals, THANK YOU!!! Because of you, we're now finalists in almost every category for which we were nominated.

To give you an idea, there were 1,225 valid ballots. That's how many people we beat out. So, you know. Kind of a big deal.

I'm up for Best Leading Actress (for my role as Dorothy Gale) in both "Ongoing Comedic Production" and "New Ongoing Comedic Production." In one of those, I'm up against the stunning and lovely Sophie Aldred for her role in Strangeness in Space. Which you should all absolutely listen to because it's great.

For the curious, the Audio Verse Awards honor those audio dramas and fictional podcasts online that are free to listeners (donations and such are fine -- the main point is that you can go and listen right now without paying). It's a great way to recognize and honor the people who put in hard work on these not-for-profit entertainment endeavors.

Aron is one of the few people I'll still work with gratis without a second thought, simply because his work has always been top notch and he's constantly bringing all sorts of new ideas to the genres he works in.

The Chronicles of Oz is free to listen to in its entirety (so far!) on YouTube -- check it out here.

Check out the full list of finalists here -- and go back tomorrow to cast your vote!