Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Month Ahead: NaNoWriMo and the Re-Re-Opening of My Patreon

It's going to be a big, busy month for yours truly.

For a start, I sat back and re-thought my Patreon. Yes, again. I worked with Oni Hartstein on her blog rebranding and chatted with creative friends on what they like that I bring to the table. And after a lot of thinking and re-thinking, I'm bringing the Patreon back. With things that will benefit you and help me offer my best work.

What can you expect? Glimpses into my daily life -- and useful ones. $1 and $5 contributors may think they're just getting random guinea pig videos and journal entries, but I'll be doing my best to make these useful as well. I'm offering a look into my life as a creator and journalist. Silly observations, yes, but also discoveries and observations that I make as I work that I think could benefit you. People who inspire me and where you can find them. Indispensable programs and apps that make my work life easier. Things I'm looking forward to that you might also enjoy.

And, yes, silliness, too.

I'll also be offering unpublished or out-of-print short stories once a month at the $10 level.

As the tiers go higher, we get more ambitious. I've done away with the newsletter as I felt it wasn't anything I couldn't do anywhere else. Instead, I'll be making monthly videos on writing, critique, and analysis. Though technically there will be two -- patrons at the $25 level will get monthly videos right away, and hitting the $100/mo level overall will unlock another monthly video that's publicly accessible.

The difference between the two? The public video will be broad thoughts and commentary on a topic: interactive storytelling in video games, say, or how to actually write a "strong female character." It will give some basic tips, but the videos accessible to patrons at the $25 tier will include tips and concepts you can put into use right away in your own work. Also, patrons at this level can send me topics to be addressed in later public videos.

Yes, there are higher tiers -- and I'm doing my best to make them worth it. Bigger spenders can "hire" me once a month to do a credited guest spot for their blog, podcast, or other creative project. (These are at my discretion; if I find something contractually wonky, I may chat with you about alternatives.) Higher tiers can also get monthly beta readings and personal consults!

Sound like your jam or someone else's? Hit up my Patreon and let's start creating!

And speaking of creating...

I'll be participating in NaNoWriMo for my second year! I tried it last year out of curiosity, and I loved the experience (and the finished product). If you're signed up, be sure to add me on the website!

Oh, and if you're a Patreon patron and a participant? You'll definitely want to make your word count. Because I'll have a gift at the end of the month for any patrons who finish their novel.

Are you ready for a big, busy month?

... yikes.